Mrs. P's Art Links and Resources

Drawing Cinderella Alien
Student Art Gallery

Coloring Pages

Link to Coloring
Coloring Pictures to print

K-12 Art General Resources

ART Links
Art Access Pintura Art Junction Art Safari Inside Art Bibliocat
Digital Stuff

Create Online Art

Use Online FRED Statistical Graphical Tool Kaleidoscope

NOTE: seizure hazard


Make cartoons online
Link to Brushter Brushter
Make art online!
Link to Magic Studio Magic Studio
Make videos online
Link to Pixton Pixton
Make comics online
Animation Studio
Make stories and games online
Gimp logo

Graphic Editor
Block Cad

Virtual Legos

History of Art

Art History and Architecture Project
Dr. Kathrine Bolman
Pre-History Art Resources Toys: Prehistoric Timeline Exploring Leonardo DaVinci
an online course to learn about this genius in the arts and sciences.
Street Art: Lois in Wonderland Blog NYC Street Art

500 AD Coptic Church Paintings

Visual Effects

Piano Key Stairs
Making it fun to use the stairs!

Extreme Sheep
sheep herding for visual effect
Jazz, Oil n Water
Spinning Girl Illusion Selective Visual Attention
Cats Meow Choral
Boys sing Cat as seriously as possible.
Bird Dance
Bird on perch dances to Twist and Shout.
Fascinating video clips of wildlife.
Online Kaleidoscope

Mrs P's Animations

Link to I'm Nobody poem
I'm Nobody

The Life of Pocahontas

Flash Biography
Learn About Jobs

Flash Lessons
Link to Civilization
Introduction to Civilization

Flash Lessons
Link to Money lesson
Money, Money, Money

Flash lesson
Link to Know ABC
Now I Know My ABC's

Watch the keys!

Fun Videos

Americas Before Columbus
Video lesson
Horrible Histories
Divorced, Beheaded and Died
King Henry VIII Of England
Underground Railroad in Brooklyn, NY Phonetic Punctuation
Dean Martin & Victor Borge
King No More Kings!
The Mayflower landing
Marine Flag
Marines Return from Makin Island
The Preamble to the Constitution

Captain Kirk

Animation and Cartoons

Annoying Orange and the Bonsai Tree Animator vs Animation
This interesting Flash takes a while to download, but is worth the wait.
Link to Blunderland Blunderland
Betty Bloop
Cab Calloway Cab Calloway does Betty Boop Pingu Pingu's Pancakes

Slide Shows

Shapes of Numerals

Visualizing Powers of Ten
The Art of Liu Mao Shan
A Slideshow of his lovely paintings
Paintings by A Rodriguez
A Slideshow of his southwestern paintings.

Slide Show
Amazing Photos
A Slideshow of amazing photos.


Bill "Bojangles" Robinson

Bill Robinson Dance Routine 1934 Scene from Metropole Bojangles and Dancers Bill Robinson and Shirley Temple 1938 Link to Stair Dance from The Little Colonel Stair Dance
From The Little Colonel
"Mr. Bojangles"
by Sammy Davis Jr.
Lamb ChopsGeorge Burns, Gracie Allen 1930


Bad Wolf Press
(Musical Plays)
Dr. Happy

Arts and Crafts Supplies

Making Friends Crafts and Supplies

Arts and Crafts

Paper Hat

Color, Fold, Wear
Link to Paper Forest Crafts
Paper Forest Crafts
African Kente Cloth
Make from paper
Friendship Crafts
Make bracelets, necklaces, wreaths and pins
Cozy Castle

Felt, Cardboard, Sew
a green five point star Make a

Five Point Star

With one snip
like Betsy Ross!
Yarn Play Directions to transfer print designs to wood Craft Ideas
Crafts Fair Online
Hairpin Lace
Make Old-Time Hair Pin Lace
Making Candles
Beginner Guide at Cajun Candles
Make a Halloween Mobile
Print an Owl Mask Print a Barn Owl Mask Link to Canon Paper Crafts
Canon Halloween Paper Craft
Make a Shape Witch
Felt Poinsetta
Felt Hair Clip or Pin
Christmas Crafts Link to directions to make Snow Flakes
Paper Snowflake

Fold, Cut, Hang

Make Toys

Print, Color, Cut, Paste, Play

Piggy Bank Clock Make Frog
Make Godzilla

Print, Cut, Paste, Play
Link to Dinsaur Crafts
Dinosaur Crafts
Paper Airplane
Paper Airplanes

Print, Make Fly
Link to Paper Dolls
Making Friends Paper Dolls

Print, Cut, Play
Link to Paper Doll
Sakura Paper Doll

Print, Color, Cut, Play
Free Puzzles

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