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Drawing of Cinderella

This drawing was done by a student in Nepal who offered her drawing to try out new technology.
The school had received computers, was able to connect to the Internet.
The picture was scanned and sent via e-mail half-way around the world to appear on this website!


First Graders With MS Paint

With a new computer lab, no software except Windows and Office, we were challenged for activities for students. Mrs. P made some simple drawings, and showed the students how to pull them up in Paint, for students to complete by adding color.
Those beginning drawings were a truck, a house with tree, and a school.

... Truck ... house1 ... house2 ... house3 ... house4 ... school

Students could also choose to have a circle drawn on their screen, from which they built a pizza.

... ...

As students gained skills in Paint, they began to create their own artwork.
The following images are original art starting with a blank screen in MS Paint. Students used Menus to (file) and (new) as well as (save),(brush),(fill) and (colors)

... ... ...

Picture Me As An Alien

... Brittany ... Crystal ... Andrew
... Latitia ... Justice ... Justice
... Matt ... Matt ... Jasmine
... Marishka ... Milly ... Myesha ... Myesha
... Shanelli ... Shaniece
... Shylo ... Shylo ... Shylo ... Shylo ... Shylo
... Myesha ... Myesha ... Myesha
... Will ... Tommy ... Tommy
... Yasmine ... Yasmine ... Yasmine

Zman came to visit and showed the 2nd grade students how to use photoediting software. Students learned to use menues to choose effects and filters. Students set their best work to Zman. Students used digitals photos of themselves to experiment with.

Southside Peace Pictures

Southside Peace Pictures

Male Age 7 This is a picture of my family.
They are B.J., me, my sister Caitlin, my Mama, and my brother Ryan.
They are standing around my house.
The blue dots on the picture are rain. I like to play in the rain.
Brandon2 Age7 [Second Picture]This is a picture of Zman.
The blue is his hair. You can see his hands and feet.
I want Zman to come visit.

Boy Age7 [First Picture] This is a picture of my Dad's Haz Mat truck. I drew the smoke stacks on the truck, and the name. I wrote peace on the truck to show what it is for.
Charles2 Age 7 [Second Picture] This is my picture of Zman. Zman knows about all our pictures. I didn't get to meet you last year, but I went to New York with my Dad. My mother went too, but my brother stayed at home by himself It was a school vacation. We went everywhere. We took all these turns, and it was junky and all that. Then Saturday, they cleaned up New York City already. It got all cleaned up.
Boy Age 7 [Third Picture] This is my picture. I made people all around the earth. I made the earth all different colors. The people are all the people around the world. The blue is the sky. Why are some people upside down?
Boy Age 7 [Fourth Picture] This is a picture of Zman's house. He lives outside and it was all clean. And he liked it because it was clean and all that. And took a picture of New York and took the picture and put them in this computer. He went back to take a picture of the Statue of Liberty. And he took a picture at the bridge and he took a picture of the Trade Center and the Tower. I made a Trade Center out of Legos because my brother has legos.
Boy Age 7 [Fifth Picture]This is my Dad's Haz Mat truck. When he was driving a haz mat truck. He goes to New York and he brings it everywhere. Mississippi, Washington DC. and everywhere, Memphis, Tennessee. and Texas and Virginia.
Girl Age 8 [First Picture] This is a picture of Zman. I drew Zman's hair, his beard, and his glasses. I think Zman is nice.
Girl Age 8 [Second Picture] This is a picture of the whole world. It is my family and you. I don't know why I put the people in all different colors. Maybe because people come in different colors.
Thank you for sending the pictures of all that.
Girl Age 8 [Third Picture] This picture is my daddy, my Mama, my sister, and me. And that is my two dogs. This is my house and my family. I like blue, but my house is really all green.
Girl Age 6 [First Picture] This is a picture of me and my mommy and my brother, too. They are in pencil. I am in the middle between Mommy and my brother. Up top is my cousin in blue, the yellow people are my grandma and I can't remember. The brown is our house.
Girl Age 6 [Second Picture] In this picture is my house. The red face is a mouse face. There is an orange circle with a bee in it. The red circle is a sea. The green circle is the door. The other green circle has dots. There is a purple flower.
Girl Age6 I made the picture for peace . This is my Mama and Dad. The purple part is their heads. At the bottom are their bodies. My Mama and Daddy help peace because they go to sleep. I made this for Zman. I hope he likes it.

Boy [First Picture] This picture is for Zman. It is a house. The arch across the top is the falls. The rest of the house is the kitchen. Above the "t" is a picture of Matthew with a smile for Zman.

Boy [Second Picture] This is a picture of children playing ... I colored them blue just for fun. I like to color with markers.
Boy Age 8 [First Picture] This is a picture of the earth and the people of the world. They are holding hands because they are special. They want peace in the world. This is a good picture. Thank you.
Boy Age 8 [Second Picture] This is a picture of Zman. I want to thank Zman for the pictures on the web, the pictures of his daughter and all. I hope Zman will come to visit again this year. I want to thank Zman for visiting last year. I want to know if Zman still has the pencil I gave him.
Boy [First Picture] This is a picture of Zman. He has sunglasses and he has a beard. He has hair and he has buttons down the front.
Boy Age 7 [Second Picture] This a picture of my mommy and daddy, my brothers and sisters, and my cousins. They are all holding hands because they are dancing in a circle. We live in peace ... It's easy.
Boy Age 7 [Third Picture] This is a picture of a church. Peace means that for church you learn like bible studies and stuff. I think a church is a good place for peace. I don't always go to church. Sometimes I like to stay home when Mama tells us to go to church. I don't like church, but I think it's a good place for peace.

Understanding 911 and World Peace

Mrs. Faulcon's class wrote to Zman, and he asked them to look at the pictures on Tribute to the Towers. The students discussed their pictures. Some students shared of family relationships with the events of September 11th. The students wrote to Zman explaining their pictures. They dictated their comments about their pictures and about New York City.

One student asked about the UN Building. Zman suggested they visit the United Nations Cyber School Bus Pictures of Peace. The students were delighted with the pictures. They were astonished to see pictures from children in so many places.

On their return to class from their special lab session, the Ms Falcon asked her students if they would like to draw Pictures of Peace. By the end of the day, all the students had drawn one or more pictures. Students chose the pictures they wanted sent to e-ZMan. Some students drew both Pictures for Peace and Pictures of Zman. The pictures were scanned and put on the web. Then the students sent their pictures and comments to ZMan.

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