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The British Are Coming!

by Anne Pemberton

This page creates an adventure story starring your student or your child. He or she travels back in history to join Paul Revere on his famous Midnight Ride to alert the countryside that the British were ready to attack the Colonial forces .
Turn on Speakers to hear "Boston Aire ".

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Music Credits

Background Music: "Boston Aire". The composition was created for this story and synthesized by Anne Pemberton, 2005. It is a typical of the music widely played at the time of this story.

  1. History Hat: MSN Clipart
  2. Paul Revere Statue:
  3. Paul Revere House:
  4. Paul Revere Ride:
  5. Paul Revere Portrait by Copley:
  6. Landing of British Troops in Boston
  7. Ride of Paul Revere B/W:
  8. Paul Revere in Lexington:
  9. Rider and walker:
  10. Paul Revere's Ride by Hintermaster:
  11. Paul Revere Riding:
  12. Paul Revere by Kurtz:
  13. Row Boat: MSN Clipart
  14. Old North Church:

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