Liberty or Death

by Anne Pemberton

This page creates an adventure story starring your student or your child. He or she travels back in time 1775 in Richmond, Virginia to help Patrick Henry write his famous Liberty or Death speech.

Turn on speakers to hear "The Downfall of Paris".

Directions to create story and book.


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Music Credit

Background Music: "The Downfall of Paris", from "Martial Music of Camp Dupont". The tune was widely played during the time of this story, and it is likely that Patrick Henry played the tune. Though usually associated with fifes and rudamental drumming even as late as the Civil War, it is a typical 'fiddle tune" of the time - energetic, simple melody line, plus harmonies here and there. Synthesized by Randy Cabell, 2004. Music used by permission.

Illustration Credits

Illustrations used without permission, for educational use only. Some illustrations have been edited for this application.

  1. Front Cover:Patrick Henry by Sculley:
  2. History Hat: MSN Clipart
  3. Constitutional Convention:
  4. Henry Speaking:
  5. King George 3:
  6. Constitutional Convention 2
  7. Capitol 1800:
  8. Colonial Army:
  9. Constitution:
  10. Boston Tea Party:
  11. Boston Massacre 1 & 2:
  12. Continental Army Loading Rifles
  13. No Allegiance (Independence)
  14. Liberty Bell:
  15. Patrick Henry Speaking:
  16. Patrick Henry Pew in St John’s Church: Photo by Anne Pemberton
  17. St. Johns Church:
  18. Va State Seal:
  19. Colonies Map:
  20. Colonial Farmer http://

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