The Louisiana Purchase

by Anne Pemberton

Thomas Jefferson This page creates an adventure story starring your student or your child. He or she travels back in to the White House in 1803 to help Thomas Jefferson decide to purchase the Louisiana Territory from France.

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Music Credits

Background Music: "Jefferson's March" from "Martial Music in the Age of Lewis and Clark" by Randolph Cabell. Music synthesized by Randy Cabell, 2004. Music used by permission.

Illustration Credits

Illustrations used without permission, for educational use only. Some illustrations have been edited for this application.

Cover: New Oreans: Louisiana Purchase Treaty
1. Red History Hat MSN clipart
2. White House:
3. Thomas Jefferson:
4. mail: MSN clipart
5. Map of Louisiana Purchase:
6. 18th Century Dining Room:
7. Coffee Urn from Monticello:
8. Hands kneading bread dough:
9. ham:
10. muffins:
11. napkin: MSN clipart
12. Glass of Milk: MSN clipart
13. Mockingbird in hand:
14. Constitution:
15. TJ in office
16. James Madison:
17. Map of England:
18. Treaty for Louisiana Purchase
19. Cotton Harvest:
20. New Orleans Map:
21. The Capitol:
22. Congress Meeting:
23 TJ at desk:
24 Mockingbird on post:
25 Old Presidential Seal:
26 Eagle with Crossed Flags:



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