Anne Moody

By Kelley Conley

Photo of Anne Moody
This page creates a story starring your student or your child. He or she travels back to 1955 to a small town in Mississippi. He or she encourages Anne Moody to take a stand against the racist way of life in the south.

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Music Credits

Background Music: "We Shall Overcome" from an unknown Internet source. The composition was widely played during the time of this story and is still enjoyed today. Music used without permission.

Illustration Credits

Illustrations used without permission, for educational use only. Some illustrations have been edited for this application

  1. pixBar= "images/Roseline.gif" alt="Green line with rosebud" MSN Clip Art
  2. Music= "music/overcome.mid" loop="10" Unknown Internet Source
  3. pixCov= "images/AMoody.gif" alt="Portrait of Anne Moody">
  4. pix1= "images/HistoryHat.gif" alt="A red History Hat." MSN Clip Art
  5. pix2= "images/SharecropperHouse.jpg" alt="A Sharecropper House in the South."
  6. pix3= "images/Segregation-School.jpg" alt="Crowd opposing school segregation."
  7. pix4= "images/FiveGenerations.jpg" alt="Five generations of a Black family."
  8. pix5= "images/Sandwich.gif" alt="A Peanut Butter Sandwich." MSN Clip Art
  9. pix6= "images/BlackWhistler.gif" alt="Black worker whistling" MSN Clip Art
  10. pix7= "images/Segregation-signs.jpg" alt="Sign for Colored Facilities"
  11. pix8= "images/SegregationBus.jpg" alt="Segregation on a bus.">'
  12. pix9= "images/WhiteWhistler.gif" alt="White man whistling." MSN Clip Art
  13. pix10= "images/SegregationSouth.jpg" alt="Photo of southern segregation.”
  14. pix11= "images/Segregation-fountains.jpg" alt="Segregation of drinking fountains in the South."
  15. pix12="images/March1964Mississippi.jpg" alt="Civil Rights March in Mississippi, 1964."

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