Battle For Texas

By Anne Pemberton

Painting of the Capture of Santa Anne.  
This page creates an adventure story starring your student or your child. He or she travels back in history to help Sam Houston win the Battle of San Jacinto and earn Independence for Texas in 1936.

Turn on your speakers to hear "Come to the Bower".

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Music Credits

Background Music: "Come to the Bower". The tune was widely played during the time of this story and legend tells it was the music played for this battle. Synthesized by Randy Cabell, 2004. Music used by permission.

Illustration Credits

Illustrations used without permission, for educational use only. Some illustrations have been edited for this application.

  1. History Hat: MSN Clipart
  2. Main Battle Source and pictures of officers:
  3. Republic of Texas Map:
  4. Texas Flag:
  5. Alamo:
  6. Battle of Alamo:
  7. Santa Anna (color) http:// ~mrankin/santaanna.html
  8. Capture of Santa Anna (color)
  9. Sam Houston (young)
  10. Map of Battle:
  11. Texas Battle:
  12. San Jacinto River:
  13. Buffalo Bayou:
  14. Mustangs sculpture
  15. General Santa Anna
  16. Deaf Smith
  17. Lone Star Junction

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