The Battle of Trenton

By Anne Pemberton


Paintint of George Washinton triumphant after the Battle of Trenton  

This page creates an adventure story starring your student or child. He or she travels back in history to help George Washington cross the Delaware to surprise the Hessian soldiers and win the Battle at Trenton in 1776.

Turn on speakers to hear "The Brandywine Quickstep".

Directions to creates story and book.


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Music Credits

Background Music: "Brandywine Quickstep", from "Martial Music of Camp Dupont", recorded on "Martial Music in the Age of Lewis and Clark" by Randolph Cabell. The tune was widely played during the time of this story and was perhaps played to celebrate the victory at Trenton. Synthesized by Randy Cabell, 2004. Music used with permission.

Illustration Credits

Illustrations used without permission, for educational use only. Some illustrations have been edited for this application.

  1. Front Cover: George Washington Taking the Salute at Trenton:
  2. History Hat: MSN Clipart
  3. Page 2: Revolutionary War Tent
  4. Page 3: Map of the Battle of Trenton:
  5. Page 4: British Soldiers with Flag:
  6. Page 5: A Hessian Soldier:
  7. Page 6: Hessian Soldiers in Camp:
  8. Page 7: Christmas Tree: MSN Clipart
  9. Page 8: George Washinton Addressing his Officers:
  10. Page 9: Kegs: MSN Clipart
  11. Page 10: George Washington with his Troops:
  12. Page 11: Revolutionary War Cannon:
  13. Page 12: George Washington Crossing the Delaware:
  14. Page 13: Floating Icebergs: MSN Clipart
  15. Page 14: Wind Blowing from Cloud: MSN Clipart
  16. Page 15: Clouds and Snow: MSN Clipart
  17. Page 16: Washington on the Icy Delaware:
  18. Page 17: Marching Colonial Heroes: unknown
  19. Page 18: Supplies in the Snow:
  20. Page 19: Scarf: MSN Clipart
  21. Page 20: Coffee Pot: MSN Clipart
  22. Page 21: Tents in Snow:
  23. Page 22: Battle of Kings Mountain:
  24. Page 23: George Washington with his Horse:
  25. Page 24: Eagle and Flags:

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