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A collection of recipes -- some originals, some adaptations, and some basics.  Entres include meat. Sides are meatless. Recipes have been collected from family members and dear friends. Some come from favorite cookbooks and the Internet.


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Almond Pastry Ring
A Dutch pastry that could grace any special occassion.
Apple Flappen
Deep fried apple pastry from The Netherlands.
Apple Scramble
Sausage, apple and egg scramble is a fun breakfast for fall days in Wilsons.
Apple Turnover
Apple filling for frozen puff pastry sheets.
Beans With Pancetta
Italian broad beans with bacon.
Beef Tips in Gravy
Beef pieces in horseradish gravy developed to feed a family of growing children.
A cucumber-cream cheese spread.
A dessert from The Netherlands.
Boston Baked Beans
An American Tradition.
Bourbon Balls
A southern holiday favorite; perfected by a bachelor.
Broiled Tomatoes
A festive side dish for late summer.
Butterscotch Pie
A labor of love, made on Daddy's birthday.
Buttery Popcorn
Microwave raw popcorn
Caramel Pie
If you keep the boiled milk on hand, you always have a fancy dessert in the making.
Charlotte Russe
Classic and elegant dessert
Cheesy Hominy Scramble
Hominy scrambled with eggs and topped with cheese.
Chicken A La King
Chicken fit for a king!
Chicken A La Stevo
Chicken baked in cream soup with potatoes and onions.
Chicken Bake
Chicken parts baked in cream soup
Chicken Cacciatore
Traditional Italian way to serve chicken.
Chicken Etoffee
Chicken with a cajun style sausage sauce.
Chicken Pot Pie
Pennsylvania Dutch style chicken and dumplings.
Chicken Salad
Easy and classic for cold plates and sandwiches.
Chili Con Corn
A quick chili recipe.
Christmas Cookies
Classic Moravian cookies for fancy cutters.
Corn Chowder
A great lunch-time soup.
Corn Pudding
A traditional country recipe.
Cottage Cheese
Easy steps to make Pennsylvania Dutch version instead of buying it in the dairy case.
Cowboy Coffee
When the electricity is out, you can make that kero heater do double duty and perk you up for the day's adventures.
Cubed Steak Salad
hot and cold in the same dish!
Custard Vla
A Dutch dessert sauce for fruit or cake.
Deviled Eggs
Traditional dish at buffet and community meals. Make them with
Red Pickled Eggs
for a colorful change of pace.
A dessert from the Netherlands.
Egg Foo Young
Classic Chinese dish.
Friar's Pancake - Hoornse Broeder
Dutch pancake feeds everyone.
Tradition Pennsylvia Dutch doughnut eaten on Shrove Tuesday before beginning lent.
Fried Cheese
Hot appetizer for the cheesy crowd.
Garam Masala
A seasoning from India introduced to us by Bob Zenhausern.
Glazed Ham
Pennsylvania Dutch recipe for baked ham.
Ham and Beans
Useful when you have a ham bone following you around.
Ham Salad
Hearty entre for cold plate or sandwich
Ham with Red Eye Gravy
Southern hunter traditional breakfast before heading out to fill the home freezer.
Hoppin' John
Cajun veggies simmered with cubed steaks in a skillet.
a Dutch dessert
Jan In De Zak - John in a Bag
Dutch pudding boiled in a bag.
A traditional Scottish dish made from smoked herring.
Dutch Christmas Stolen or fruited bread.
Pickled nappa cabbage from Korea
Liver Cakes
Pennsylvania Dutch recipe to dress up beef liver.

Marinated then smoked to doneness.
Macaroni Dinner
Ground beef and a macaroni and cheese packaged dinner make this a quick and hearty family meal.
Easy soul food.
Mac-n-Mato Salad
Great use for a tomato surplus from garden.
Martha's Greens
Traditional "soul food" for lunch or supper.
Moldable candy from The Netherlands.
Microwave Rice
Standard side dish.
German Noodle Ring
Molded noodles and cheese filled with veggies makes a grand presentation on a buffet.
Old Bay Crabs
The best way to enjoy your Chesapeake Bay harvest!
deep fried fruit-filled doughnuts from The Netherlands.
Oyster Stew
Traditional Christmas Eve supper.
Pan Fish
Catch, cook and eat before the wiggle is gone.
Pasta Salad
Classic side for a cold plate.
Classic recipe for perfect pie crusts
Greek Lasagna uses ground lamb.
Dutch spicy bite-sized crunchy cookies.
Classic Italian basil and oil dressing.
Pickled Eggs And Beets
Deep red colored pickled eggs from Pennsylvania Dutch country can be served with or without the beets.
Pork Chop Bake
Pork Chops baked on top of potatoes in swiss cheese sauce.
Potato Cakes
Called Rosti in Switzerland
Potato Chowder
Feed a hungry family when there's nothing in the pantry but potatoes and milk.
Pumpkin Bread Pudding
Filling dessert for Halloween.
Raisin Pie
The Pennsylvania Dutch Funeral Pie traditionally made and delivered to grieving neighbors and friends.
Red Potatoes
best baked in the microwave for a quick hearty side.
Red Velvet Cake
The recipe for this elegant desert is from Dana Madden, Sam McDonald's dear friend.
Rice Salad
This hearty salad can be a side for a cold plate or buffet.
Roast Beef Pie
a hearty entre that depends only on a can opener.
Hot appetizers made from chicken livers.
Sausage And Hominy
Favorite weekend breakfast for home or at Bavon made with Jimmy Dean Sage Sausage.
Shupp Noodles
Noodles browned in butter and scrambled with eggs.
Scalloped Oysters
Easy oyster dish when oysters are in season.
Schnitz Un Knepp
Famous Pennsylvania Dutch pot dish of dried apples, dumplings and ham. Oh, The Childhood Memories!
Shanghai Chicken
Smoked chicken spread on popcorn cakes for a light lunch or snack.
Shepherds Pie
This is the Richmond variation of this classic dish.
Shoo Fly Pie
Pennsylvania Dutch masterpiece of toothy sweetness!
Shrimp Salad
Glamorous entre for a cold plate or luncheon
Smoked Salmon Salad
What to do with a gift of smoked salmon.
Smoked Turkey Salad
Thanksgiving leftover for buffet or sandwiches.
Speck und Bona
Pennsylvania Dutch pot dinner of ham with green beans and potatoes.
Spicy cut out cookies.
Dutch spice mix used for cookies and more.
Spicy Christmas Cookies
classic dark Moravian cookies to cut with fancy cutters.
St. Basil's Cake
Greek tradition for New Year's Eve.
Steamed Eggs
This gentle dish comes from Brooklyn!
Stewed Tomatoes
Gotta eat 'em with black eyed peas on New Years Day or you won't have any luck that year.
Sticky Buns
Pennsylvania Dutch cinnamon buns
Slathered Steaks
Perfection for tender steak cuts.
low calorie version with plain yoghurt for sour cream.
Survival Spaghetti
Made in a cast iron skillet on top of kerosene heater during power outs.
Stuffed Tomatoes
Easy and pretty entre for a cold plate or buffet
Taai Taai
Dutch gingerbreads
Three Bean Salad
Classic quick-fix dish for picnic, buffet, family meals, or covered dish socials.
Tuna Salad
Classic entre on a low-budget cold plate.
Turfjes Met Bessensap
Dutch fried bread sticks with berry sauce
Virginia Ham
What to do with your gift ham.
Dutch Vanilla pudding sauce for cake and berries.
To fortify caroling up and down the driveway.
French Toast the Dutch way!

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