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Caramel Pie

From the Fifty-Something List came this recipe for caramel pie. Make with either Claire's bananas, or Cynthia's Peaches. A fun recipe with condensed milk that you can boil ahead and store until needed. Almost instant dessert for family gatherings.

Makes 1 pie



To make caramel filling:

Take label off can of condensed milk, place in deep pot and cover w/ water. Then boil 2-4 hours on low boil.

Add water as needed. Always keep top covered with water or it will explode.

When done, cool. take cool can out and store can in pantry for up to 1 year.

To make pie:

When needed, pop top, stir it up- it will be caramel.

Line a baked or refrigerator pie crust with cut up bananas, cover with caramel. Top with whipped cream and a few banana slices for garnish.

I use pie crust- cut some banana up, put in bottom, cover w/caramel. then another layer then whip cream and a few banana slices for  garnish.


Claire ... I usually carmelize 3 cans at same time and store for when needed.

Cynthia ...same recipe except substitute fresh peaches for the bananas.   Yummers. Cynthia.

~Claire Rose and Cynthia from the Fifty Something List, 2001

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