Pemberton Cookbook

Steve's London Broil

A smoker/cooker grill works best to cook the meat on low heat. Leftovers can used in sandwiches with prepared horseradish, or made into gravy.

Serves 4-6



Mix Sauers and molasses and taste. Add a bit of either to suit your taste.

Lay a bed of sage leaves in the bottom of a covered container. Lay the meat on the sage leaves, and cover top with more sage leaves.

Pour Sauers and molasses over the meat, and refrigerate.

Start grill, putting coals in as far away from the grill as possible.

When coals are ready and the meat has marinated at least 45 minutes, put meat on grill. Top with marinated sage leaves.

Cook until done.

Cool slightly before slicing.


-Steve Pemberton

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