Pemberton Cookbook

Chesapeake Old Bay Crabs

Set out pots at low tide, and retrieve pots at low tide next day. Keep 1-2 large crabs per person. Release the others in the bay.

Keep crabs in trap pots alive until water is boiling.

Serves one person per 1-2 crabs



Put water in large deep pot. Add Old Bay Seasoning.

Bring to full boil.

Drop the live crabs into the boiling water.

Boil until done.

Take crabs out of water with tongs, and lay on newspaper covered table.

Pick crab meat from shell, discarding innards completely.

Dip in melted butter and eat.


To serve, cover table with a thick layer of newspaper.

Pile crabs in the center of the table.

Provide nutcrackers and shell cracker, and doohickeys to diners.

Shell can be piled on the newspaper for quick clean-up.

Keep melted butter coming, and refrigerate any leftovers immediately.


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