Pickled Eggs and Beets

Growing up, we could always count on some Pennsylvania Dutch pickled eggs at any picnic or outdoor buffet. I never saw a white pickled egg until I was quite grown up. They paled by comparison The following recipe is for a quickie version that begins when you eat the last sweet pickle out of the jar. Stash the jar in the ‘frig til you get the eggs and beets.

Makes 6 Pickled Eggs



Pour beets and pickle juiced into a pan.

Bring to boil. Turn off and cool.

Set eggs in deep bowl with lid.

Pour cooled beets and liquid over the eggs.

Cover and refrigerate for 2 days.


Pickled Eggs can be eaten whole. 

Slice or quarter pickled eggs.

Eat the beets after all the eggs are gone.

Add eggs and beets to veggie or pickle tray.

Use to garnish spinach or mixed green salads.

Chop pickled eggs and add to potato, pasta or rice salad.

Use pickled eggs to make Deviled Eggs.

Don’t forget to eat the beets!

~ Anne Pemberton

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