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Arthur Ashe, Jr.


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Arthur Ashe, Jr. grew up in Richmond, Virginia in the time of Segregation.
Virginia, like other states in the south, enforced "segregation".
Arthur liked to play tennis. He wanted to became a good tennis player.
But, Arthur could only play tennis on shabby "Colored Only" tennis courts.
So, Arthur's family moved to St. Louis, Missouri.
In St. Louis, Arthur became a very, very good tennis player. Arthur won a Tennis scholarship to UCLA.
After college, Arthur became a professional tennis player.
Arthur played tennis with the best players in the world.
Arthur won many Trophies.
Arthur won the Trophy from Wimbledon, and the Davis Cup.
Arthur developed heart disease and retired from tennis. He had heart surgery several times.
Arthur Ashe, Jr. died of pneumonia when he was 49 years old.

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