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Bill "Bojangles" Robinson


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Bill "Bojangles" Robinson was born in Richmond, Virginia.

Bill Robinson began to tap dance for nickels and dimes on the streets of Richmond.

Bill Robinson quit school when he was seven to became a famous tap dancer and actor.

Bill Robinson joined the army and was a rifleman in World War I.

"Bojangles" danced with traveling shows and on Vaudeville.

Bojangles dancing with Shirley Temple

"Bojangles" invented many dance steps, including his famous "Stair Dance", which he first did for the King of England.

Mr. Bojangles

"Bojangles" appeared in movies with young Shirley Temple, Will Rogers and other famous film stars.

"Bojangles" starred in more than a dozen movies. He danced on the streets of New York City.

Bill Robinson was a very generous man who gave away most of the money he made dancing.

"Bojangles" could dance as well as ever when he was past sixty years of age.

Bill Robinson was living in New York City when he died.

When Bill Robinson died, the schools in New York City were closed for a day.

There is a popular statue of "Bojangles" in the City of Richmond, VA.

Bojangles Statue

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Bill Robinson and Shirley Temple 1938

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