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The Father of Our Country

George Washington was born on a farm in Virginia.

George Washington joined the army. Then he married Martha Custis.

George Washington was known for his honesty.

General George Washington won the Revolutionary War.

George Washington became the First President of the United States.

George Washington retired to Mount Vernon.

George Washington is pictured on the one dollar bill.

George Washington on One Dollar Bill

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George Washington Biography


George Washington is the Father of our Country.

In 1735, George Washington was born on a farm in Virginia. He learned to be honest. He grew up on Virginia farms and plantations. George married Martha when he was 27. George became the stepfather to Martha's two children. George and Martha had many grandchildren.

George Washington was a pioneer farmer. He tried new ideas in farming. He built a barn with sixteen sides for his animals. His plantation was called Mount Vernon.

George Washington was a soldier. He made maps for the British Army. Washington volunteered to lead the armies of the colonists against the British Army. General Washington and his troops spent a bitter winter at Valley Forge. General Washington defeated the British Army at Yorktown and the colonists won the Revolutionary War.

After the colonies were free from England, George Washington helped build the new government. He didn't want the new country to have a king. He wanted the people to choose their own leaders. He wanted the leadership to change after eight years.

George Washington was elected the First President of the United States. Martha Washington was called the First Lady because she was the wife of the President. The love of Americans for George Washington is shown in his formal portrait and in a gallery of portraits of George and Martha.

After two elections and eight years, George Washington said it was time to end his presidency. He wanted someone else to be President. After John Adams was elected, George Washington retired to Mount Vernon.

George Washington was known for his virtues. He did not waste anything. He was not afraid to do what he thought was right.

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