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Jane Addams was born in Illinois into the family of a prosperous businessman.

She went to college in Illnois and in London, England.

Jane Addams learned about the slum conditions in large cities

She learned how to help the people in the slums..

When she returned to Chicago, Jane Addams and a friend set up Hull House.

Hull House was a place where poor people could come and learn how to make their lives better.

Hull House included a night school for adults and Kindergarten for children.

Hull House included a gym, a swimming pool and a public kitchen.

Many poor people from the slums of Chicago were helped at Hull House.

Jane Addams gave lectures and wrote books about how to help poor people.

Jane Addams won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931 for her work towards world peace.

Hull House

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Democracy and Social Ethics

Children in American Street Trades

A New Conscience and An Ancient Evil

New Ideals of Peace

The Spirit of Youth and The City Streets

The Wage-Earning Women and the State

Twenty Years at Hull House

Symposium: Child Labor on the Stage

The Long Road of Woman's Memory

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