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Louis Agassiz

Louis Agassiz


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Louis Agassiz was born in Switzerland. He did well in school and wanted to become a doctor.

Later, he became more interested in the natural sciences. He began to study fish and fish fossils. He wrote books about what learned.

Louis Agassiz at Harvard

Louis Agassiz became a science professor and studied the ice glaciers in Switzerland. He learned that at one time ice glaciers covered Europe. The ice scoured the mountains and plains and changed the landscape of Europe.

Louis Agassiz came to America. He became a science professor at Harvard. He studied the geography of America and learned that ice glaciers also once covered the American continent.

Louis Agassiz wrote many books about the natural sciences. He built the first Natural History museum in America. He traveled around the country to tell people about his science.

Louis Agassiz did not agree with the science of Charles Darwin about the evolution of animals and plants. Scientists still disagree on some aspects of evolution.

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