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Ludella Hockaday


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My great grandmother who was a great educator from what i was told
(from others because she never tooted her own horn)
used to refer to some of her colleges as "educated fools!"
She was referring to people who thought that they were smart enough NOT to believe in God!
Grandma was not only educated but also wise!
She was NOT devoid of God! Lord, I miss that lady!

Anne, I think, like me, grandma's use of the term "Educated Fools" was a general description of educated people who were atheists. I can not recall any specific name of the people she worked with! I also never heard her make any reference to the Scripture to support her use of that term. But i would not be surprised to discover that she got it from Romans 1:22

Grandma, just like any sensible human could not see how anyone could look at Creation, understanding that we are bound by gravity, dependent upon nature that we did not create, powerless over death, and then conclude that "There is No God!" Even if the God of Scripture is not real and every other version of God proves to be bogus, then nature by default and by definition would be God! So grandma even as an educator did not lose her sanity!

Thomas wrote: "Anne, YES! My great grandmother's father was actually born the same year of the Great Emancipation Proclamation.(1863) Great grandma was born November 21, 1887. She was 70 years old when I came along in 1957!"

Thomas wrote: "My grandmother's name was Ludella Hockaday. She married a man with the same last name ...n Arthur Hockaday who was unrelated to her. We believe that both she and her husband's family were owned by the same or a related set of white Hockadays near Wake Forest NC. My great grandmother's father name was Thomas hockaday (I was named after him I'm told) Thomas Hockaday's mother w named Louise Carrol (born in 1849( was bought as a slave from Louisiana by a white slave owner from Wake Forest. She was 14 years old in 1863 when she fathered Thomas Hockaday with her husband Edmond Hockaday"

Thomas wrote: "Wow! I like it! Grandma died in August (I believe) of 1975! I know where she is buried, so I could easily obtain the correct date of her death! I am not sure if she taught in Granville County near Wake Forest or in Wake County in Knightdale. I am sure that it was a segregated school!"

Timeline for Ludella Hockaday

White Hockaday families near Wake Forest, NC
Louise Carrol born 1849 (was brought as a slave from Louisiana by a white slave owner from Wake Forest).
Louise was 14 years old in 1863 when she fathered Thomas Hockaday. Husband: Edmond Hockaday.
Emancipation Proclamation = 1863
Great Grandfather: Thomas Hockaday
Grandmother: Ludella Hockaday - daughter of Thomas Hockaday ...
Grandson: Thomas Hockaday - currently lives in NC

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