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Paul Revere learned to make beautiful things from silver.

He made cups and plates and teapots.

Paul Revere believed that England was too hard on the colonies.

He became a rebel who helped start the Revolutionary War.

Paul Revere is believed to be one of the men who dressed up as an Indian.

He and his fellow rebels threw the British tea into Boston Harbor to protest the taxes.

This adventure was called the Boston Tea Party

England sent its army to put down the rebellion.

Paul Revere watched for a signal to tell if the British were coming by land or by sea.

Paul Revere rode throught the night too tell people that "The British are coming".

He fought in the battles and the British put him in jail.

Later he also fought as in the Continental Army.

After he finished his army service, he went back to his shop.

There he continued to make beautiful things out of silver.

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