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Picture of Phillis Wheatley at her writing desk.

Phillis Wheatley


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Phillis Wheatley arrived in Boston, alone and nearly naked, on a slave ship from Gambia, Africa.

Phillis was about 7 years old when she was purchased by the Wheatley family.

Mrs. Wheatley intended to train Phillis to be a house servant.

Phillis quickly learned to read and write.

She began to write poetry which was good enough to be published.

Phyllis Wheatley

Phillis became famous for her poetry and traveled to England to promote her book.

The Wheatley's gave Phillis her freedom, but she continued to live with the family.

Later, Phillis married and had a child, but it didn't work out.

Phillis was writing her third book of poetry when she and her baby died.

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