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Sojourner Truth

1797 - 1883

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Isabella Baumfree was born into slavery in 1797.

She was born on an estate in northern New York state.

Isabella was sold many times, and was treated cruelly.

The state of New York decided to free all slaves by 1827.

Isabella was promised her freedom one year earlier, but her master changed his mind.

Isabella took her baby and walked away from her master.

Isabella then set about trying to get back the rest of her children who had been sold away in slavery.

She was able to get some of them, but some had illegally been sold to southern states which still allowed slavery.

Isabella had a religious experience and began to preach in an evangelical church.

Isabella then moved to New York City and changed her name to Sojourner Truth.

She met and worked with other abolitionists and continued to preach.

Sojourner Truth preached about abolition, women's rights, non-violence and communicating with spirits.

During the Civil War she met with President Lincoln.

Sojourner Truth spoke on behalf enlisting black troops to help free the slaves.

In 1870, Sojourner Truth campaigned for the federal government to give "free" western land to the former slaves.

She moved to Michigan and spent a year in Kansas helping African-Americans settle in the west.

In Michigan Sojourner Truth spoke for temperance from drinking alcohol and against capital punishment.

Sojourner Truth continued to travel and preach until her death in 1883.

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