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Sacajawea was born in Idaho as a member of the Shoshone people.

When she was a girl, she was stolen by the Hidatsa tribe and taken to the Dakotas.

She was bought by a fur trader by the name of Charbonneau.

The Lewis and Clark expedition to explore the Louisiana Purchase and find the Pacific Ocean, spent the winter of 1805 at Fort Mandan in the Dakotas.

Charbonneau and Sacajawea joined the expedition at Fort Mandan. Sacajawea was about sixteen and pregnant at the time.

Her son was born at Fort Mandan that winter and she named him Pomp.

Sacajawea was valuable to the expedition for her knowledge of Indian languages and customs.

The expedition went over the mountains to the Pacific Ocean.

After the expedition returned to St. Louis, Missouri, Charboneau and his family lived in St. Louis for a while.

Later Sacajawea and her husband returned to the Dakotas leaving Pomp in St. Louis to be educated.

After Charboneau moved on, Sacajawea rejoined her tribe on the Wind River Reservation.

Sacajawea lived a long time. She was respected for the help she gave the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Her tribe put up a memorial to her memory.

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