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Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt


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"Walk Softly, but carry a Big Stick"

Theodore Roosevelt was born in New York City and grew up nearby.

Theodore had two wives, and six children.

Theodore loved adventure and exploring new places.

Theodore led the Rough Riders in a war in Cuba.

Theodore became the 20th President.

Theodore was called Teddy in the press. He was well liked.

The press told that Theodore had saved the life of a bear while hunting.

Toy bears began to be called Teddy Bears.

Theodore was president for 7 years.

Theodore remained active all his life.

Theodore went on adventures in Africa and in Brazil.

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Theodore Roosevelt was born into a wealthy family in New York City. He did not go to school, but had tutors come in his home to teach him his lessons. When he was 18, he went to Harvard University. After he graduated, he went to law school at Columbia University.

Theodore was elected to political office in New York and wrote several books. Then he became interested in raising cattle and invested in a ranch in the Dakota Territory.

Theodore had two wives, Alice Lee and Edith Carow. Alice died after giving birth to a daughter. Edith had five children and out-lived Theodore.

Theodore Roosevelt became a respected politician in New York for the Republican Party. Later, he served in various political office in Washington, DC.

But, Theodore wanted adventure and glory. During the Spanish American war in Cuba, Theodore volunteered to lead a group called the Rough Riders. His unit was able to defeat the Spanish and remove them from Cuba.

In 1901, Theodore Roosevelt was sworn in as the Vice President of the United States. William McKinley was sworn in as president. When President McKinley was assassinated later that year, Theodore Roosevelt was sworn in as the 26th President. At the end of McKinley's term, Theodore Roosevelt was elected President in his own right, to serve another four years.

As President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt accomplished many things. He set aside land for public use and started the Conservation Movement. He encouraged workers to form unions and broke up corporations that became too large and powerful. He oversaw the beginning of the work on the Panama Canal so that American ships could quickly travel between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Theodore helped establish peace between Russia and Japan and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work. He introduced the first US Postage stamp which sold for one cent.

In the election of 1909, Theodore Roosevelt decided not to run for another term as President. He left Washington, and went on a safari to Africa with his son, Kermit. He brought back a number of large African animals for museums in New York.

When he returned from Africa, Theodore was disappointed by the actions of the new president, William Taft. He ran for president again in 1912 on the Progressive ticket, and lost the election to Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat.

Theodore Roosevelt retired to his home in New York and worked as a magazine editor criticizing President Wilson's failure to prepare for World War I. He offered to recruit and train a volunteer unit to fight the Germans, but was turned down by President Wilsons.

In 1913, he traveled to Brazil to explore and map the Amazon River. On his return he went back to magazine editing until his death in 1919 from the malaria and leg injury he suffered on his trip to Brazil.

Theodore was responsible for naming Teddy Bears. One time, when Theodore was out hunting, he refused to shoot a bear because he had already shot enough game for the trip. The American Public, who called him "Teddy", enjoyed the story of his defending the poor bear so much that toy bears were thereafter called Teddy Bears.

Theodore Roosevelt died on January 6, 1919 in his New York home called Sagamore Hill.

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