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Tamanend was a Lenni Lenape Chief.

Tamanend means "affable". He got along with people very well.

Tamanend lived along the Neshaminy Creek near Philadelphia.

In 682, William Penn came to Tamanend's village.

William Penn wanted to buy some land from the Lenni Lenape to start a colony.

In June of 1683, Tamanend brought many Lenni Lenape chiefs to William Penn.

The chiefs signed deeds to allow Quakers to settle on Lenni Lenape lands.

Tamanend and William Penn wanted settlers and Indians to live in peace:

"as long as the creeks and rivers run and while the sun, moon, and stars endure".

Tamanend drew a coiled snake as his signature on the agreement.

Later, the settlers insisted that the deeds gave the land to them alone.

The Lenni Lenape were required to move off of their lands.

Tamanend was somtimes called Tammeny.

The called Tammeny the Patron Saint of the colonies.

May 1st was celebrated as St. Tammeny Day.

Today there are statues of Tamanend plus buildings and parks named for him.

Tamanend Statue

Tamanend - standing on a turtle (earth) with an eagle at his head.

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