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Drawing Cinderella Alien
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Mrs P's Resources

My Own Books Index
My Own Books

Stories for Kids
Famous Americans Link
Famous Americans

Stories, Pix, Links
Link to Nations

Data - Pix - Music
Link to Coloring index
Color Pictures

To print and color
Link to Holidays

Learn, Fun, Celebrate
Language Arts Index Link to Poetry index Link to Math Science Links Science Links Dr Z's
How do you think?
Join the research!
Link to Zman index

Links For Kids

George Washington
Famous Leaders

Garden of Praise: Biographies for Kids
Virtual Science Field Trips


Gimp Graphic Design
Download FREE Graphic Editor
Ace Reader
Speed Reading Software
Shepherd Software
Learning Games in all subjects
Link to Babelfish

Learn Languages


Search Engines

Make your own google search tools
Link to KidRex

Search engine with kid-appropriate results
Link to Information Age Inquiry
Information Age Inquiry

How to investigate a topic using the new tools of our times.

Digital Stuff

Links to Facts

World-O-Meter Nasa Jefferson's Lab Wikipedia Fact Monster Info Please
Guinness World Records Bartlett's Quotations 50 States
Encyclopedia Britannica Funk and WagnallsEncyclopedia Schuler's Author Index
American JourneysPrimary Documents in American History Link to CIA World Factbook
CIA World Factbook

facts, maps, flags and more, on all individual countries in the world
American Journeys
Primary Documents
Treaties between the Natives and the Government Word Central
Little Explorers Dictionary


Gutenberg Books
Free E-books
Librivox Audio Books Adelaide Library UVA-Ebooks
Full Text from Google Wowio Vision-WW Doaks Etexts

Online Libraries

Library of Congress
largest library in the world
American Journeys:
Primary Documents in American History
World Digital Library Ancient and rare manuscripts digitized Kidspace
Internet Public Library
American Library Association Bartlett's Quotations Ace Reader America's Folk Past and Present Web site that teaches America's Folk Past and Present Baen Authors

Create Learning Projects

Link to Web Tool index Web Tools:
Creating multimedia projects, reports, stories, timelines.
Stats Graphical Tool
Primary Access:
Online tool to create multimedia reports from primary sources.
Link to Toondoo

Create comics
Link to Magic Studio
Magic Studio
Create a timeline, add music, pictures and videos.
Link to Pixton resources PixtonMake interactive stories
The Kids' Zone
National Gallery of Art
Create your own art online.
Animation Studio
Make stories and games online

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