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Bingo is a popular American social game.

It is a simple game that depends on luck, listening skills, and visual recognition skills.

From an educator standpoint, that makes Bingo a learning tool for visual recognition, listening attention, as well as the recognizing the letters of the English Alphabet.

To Play the Game:
Write the letters of the alphabet on small cards. Put the cards in a bowl or basket and mix them up. Draw a card out and call the Letter. Save the cards drawn to match against the winning Bingo Card.

Playing Bingo helps the students learn to be quiet and listen, and to concentrate on the activity.

AlphaBingo cards come in three sizes:
9 spaces per card, 3 rows of 3 spaces. This size is best for beginners and for children with vision problems.
16 spaces per card, 4 rows of 4 space. Beginners can graduate to this size as they recognize the letters more quickly.
25 spaces per card, 5 rows of 5 spaces. This size is more of a challenge for students.
Additional challenges can be created by playing more than one card at a time.

Pebble Line

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