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Print game cards for various social and educational uses.

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Bingo is a popular American social game. It is a simple game that depends on luck, listening skills, and visual recognition skills.

From an educator standpoint, that makes the Bingo card of interest as a means of aiding visual recognition, listening attention, as well as the concepts in recognizing the numbers or letters in the 25 spaces on the card.

In a nutshell, the Bingo Card contains 25 "answers" to questions or problems.

In the games on this webpage, the emphasis is on number, numerals, and number words. These can be the "answer" to recognition of the numeral, of the number word, or they can be "answers" to problems: " Here is one red ball and two blue balls. Put your marker on the number of balls."

Randomizing the "answers" on the cards allows from 25 to no more than 50 possible "anwers" on the card of 25. The JavaScript on this page allows that randomization.

You can further randomize the question. Put your questions on small cards. Put the cards in a bowl or basket and mix them up. Draw a card out for each question. Save the cards drawn to match against the winning Bingo Card.

One of the social skills gained by frequent playing a "Bingo" game is that the student learns to be quiet and listen, and to concentrate on the activity. But, an outburst to call "Bingo", keeps it from being too quiet.

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Alpha-Bingo (English Alphabet) Number Bingo (Numerals and number words) Word Bingo (sight words and pattern words) Animal Bingo (pictures of common animals)
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- Alpha Bingo

- Number and Number Words Bingo

- Word Bingo with "at" words

- Animal Bingo

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Directions for Number Bingo in the classroom.

Put a few sets of numbers in a basket. To call a number for the game, the leader calls out the number pulled from the basket, then places the number in another basket, or a pile.

Each student who finds that numeral or number word on their game card puts a marker on it.

Any player who has any five marks in a row, column or diagonal must call out BINGO. The first player to call BINGO whose marked letters check against those called, is the winner.

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