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Taylor is Mrs. Pemberton's nephew. When he was young, Taylor used to come out and visit his aunt and uncle often on weekends. His favorite "toy" was Mrs. Pemberton's computer. When he was five, he made his first web page with Mrs. P's help. Taylor chose and recorded the joke on the page. He chose the pictures to be used on the page. He dictated what the page would say. Check out Taylor's First Web Page and Taylor's Visit to the Country.

When Taylor was in first grade, he visited late in the fall and learned about cotton growing in the fields: Taylor Picks Cotton.

When Taylor was eight and nine, he was homeschooled and Mrs. Pemberton prepared some of his lessons. He used the DART (Direct Access Reading Technique) to learn new words. Check out some of the interesting pictures he drew to illustrate some words he chose to learn: Taylor's DART Pictures.

When Taylor was in eighth grade, he made this Anime web site all by himself with Dreamweaver. By that time, he was comfortable using new software and exploring what it can do. See what he did!



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