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May 12, 2012


On Fri, May 11, 2012 at 10:47 PM, Anne Pemberton wrote:
Folks, I was visiting the page of a friend on facebook, found a wonderful map showing humanity out of Africa, and a comment there from a woman chatting about expressing her African-ness ... and buyin African products to support Africa. Is there a way for her to make such purchases directly rather than through an importer???
Would an online African Market be doableas?
-- Anne Pemberton
Anne, An intersting idea. With the contacts this group has this could be the start of a small business run by high school students, with help. Katherine Bolman Brilliant ideas! I think this would definitely be a step in the right direction. In addition to the ideas already shared i think organizations have a big role to play here of building the capacity of our people especially the rural folk to be able to access and utilize the immense opportunities that online social networking and marketing media has to offer. This way they will be able to not only gain exposure and access markets for their good work but also share knowledge and learn best practices. Therefore in the long term training will be necessary on how to use the computer, how to navigate the internet, how to advertise your products or even how to sell on line, how to make videos/documentaries about what they are doing or experiencing in their communities among many other things. This is actually potentially a good proposal idea!
Perhaps, in the meantime, organizations can help mobilize people within their communities and have their good works marketed through the organization's website, facebook page, twitter, etc
Best regards, Mukooyo Jolly Tonny
very good idea specially if relation also to eco, human rights perspective and CSR ditto! There are quite a lot of thinks produced in rural areas in Africa which just need promotion and they will sale. On 11 May 2012 21:02, celestin nzaramba wrote: Yes
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Transportation Out of Africa

Does Fed-Ex or UPS pick up in Africa?

Marketing Africa

The idea of Marketting Africa came from months of correspondence among African NGOs and the Enabling Support Foundation.

In early May, a discussion on an e-mail list probed the role of the African Village. This led, in the style of a think tank, to the possibility of enabling Africans to market their products worldwide.

The first step was to find out if there was a market.

It was postulated that African Americans would constitute a market for African Handcrafts and African-Made products.

Problems: Getting the product to the Customer.

Developing Contacts

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