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Economics is the study of business, money, jobs, and more. Economics studies how humans use money to shape their world.


To the students of Ms. Fiato's class at Bright Future: Thank You for your contribution.

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Money Links

Give Gift Give Money. Some people like to share their Money with family, friends, or worthy causes or those less fortunate. A gift of Money is always welcome.
Coin Fact Book Save Money Save Money: Save Money for a rainy day! Save Money for a large purchase. Save Money to let it earn more Money. Cashier and  Customer Spend Money: This is the easiest way to use Money. Money can be spent on needs or wants.
Invest Money Invest Money: Buying something that will become more valuable over time. Budget Budget Money. Deciding how to save or spend your money is a budgeting Money. Write down a budget to remind you what to save and how you will spend your money.

Money, Money, Money

Jobs Links

Link to Jobs Learn About the Jobs
Builder! Cook! Doctor! Farmer! Firefighter! Teacher!
What Can You Be! Link to Color Pages for Community Helpers Print and Color Community Helpers Color People at Jobs
Plumber! Firefighter!
Pix and information on skyscrapers around the world!
The Mohawks Who Built Manhattan Learn about Labor Rights

Directions to use: Learn About Jobs

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Learn About Jobs meets Virginia History and Social Studies SOL K.6.

Learn About Jobs is an instructional presentation created by Anne Pemberton with Dr. Robert Zenhausern.
Learn About Jobs was created with Macromedia Flash MX. Clip art is from Microsoft.
Photo of Manhanttan Skline by Robert Zenhausern.
Photo of Michigan highways by Anne Pemberton.
Narrator is Anne Pemberton.
Background music is a midi version of "Dock of the Bay".

Economics Links

Link to Econopolis
Link to ES Forums
Forum: Social Studies and Economics
Graphs of the US Economy Tax Return
Crazy Taxes!

US and the World
A cotton boll
Cotton: Plant of Many Uses

Make your own Piggy Bank

Take an empty cylindrical cardboard box such as salt, oatmeal or stuffing comes in.

Cover the sides and both ends with pink construction paper. Glue in place.

Use construction paper to make six rolls for a head, a snout and four feet.

Cut out pink circle for face. Cut out small pink circle for front of snout.

Draw face and nostrils. Glue face and snout in place.

Cut out pink ears. Glue in place

Curl a pipecleaner around a pencil, and insert the pipecleaner as the pig's tail.

Draw a slot on the top.

Ask an adult to cut it with a sharp blade.

Econ SOLs Elementary



Needs and Wants

SOL K.7 a

Use MoneyMoney, Money, Money

SOL K.7 b

Funny Money

Goods and Services

SOL 1.7

Buyers and Sellers

SOL 1.7

Choices or Spending

SOL 1.8

Save Money

SOL 1.9

Earn Money


SOL 2.7


SOL 2.9

Using Resources

SOL 3.7

Producers and Consumers

SOL 3.7


SOL 3.8


SOL 3.8

Opportunity Costs

SOL 3.9

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