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Win The White House
Three Levels
Campaign! Debates! Speechs! Polls!
Captain Kirk and the Preamble of the Constitution.


iCivics Game

Win The White House

Three Levels
Campaign! Debates! Speechs! Polls!

Basic Concepts of Democratic Government

1. Recognition of the fundamental worth and dignity of each person.
2. Respect for the equality of each person.
3. Faith in majority rule and insistence on minority rights.
4. Acceptance of the necessity of compromise.
5. Insistence on the widest degree of individual freedom.

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iCivics Game
Win The White House
Three Levels
Campaign! Debates! Speechs! Polls!
Game: Nation States Captain Kirk and the Preamble of the Constitution. John Cleese on Extremism Can you Pass the US Citizenship Test?

The Economy

Tax Rates in History
Chart + footnotes

The Executive Branch

President Obama

President and Cabinet
President Washington
The Presidents:

A Slideshow of all US Presidents
President Lincoln
The US Presidents

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The White House
The White House Website
President Roosevelt
The US Presidents


Executive Branch: The State Department

US Embassy

Executive Branch: The Treasury Department

Economic Graphs from the Federal Reserve

The Legislative Branch

US Capitol
The US Congress
Senator Warner
US Senate

Congresswomen Pelosi
US House of Representatives

Committee Room
Congressional Committees
Make A Law

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Make Your Government Directory Laws Passed
112th Congress
Library of Congress
Library of Congress
House of Representatives
US House of Representatives

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Children in Congress
Kids in the House
U S Senate
US Senate

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Representatives by State

The Judicial Branch

Justice Sotomayer
Justices Pictures

The Supreme court
Supreme Court Building
US Supreme Court

Official Government Site
Our Courts Games - Our Courts The Skeptical Jurer Supreme Court Case Research Paper

Government Documents

Magna Carta
English Bill of Rights
Declaration of Independence
Constitution of the Iroquois Nations Articles of Confederation Native American Treaties
1783 Original
US Constitution
For + Against!
The Federalist Papers
First Amendments
Bill of Rights
US Constitution

With Amendments

Government Agencies

Security Agencies

CIA Seal
The Central Inteligence Agency
Nations of the World
CIA Fact Book
CIA Kids Page Games from the CIA Federal Bureau of Investigation

International Organizations

United Nations UN Security Council International Court of Justice International Criminal Court NATO SEATO

US States Governments

Governor Pix
The Governors of the States
Find Your State Official Page US States Bingo Flags of the Fifty States Maps of the Fifty States

Virginia Resources

Original Virginia Charter
Netherlands Site
First Virginia Constitution
Jefferson's Draft
Virginia Constitution
Official Site
Governor of Virginia
Official Site
Virginia General Assembly
Official Site

Write to Your Elected Officials

Write Elected Officials

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Current Events

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Presidential Election of 2012
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Tax Receipt
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Lobbyist Database for the US Senate Laws Passed by Congress

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