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Milestones in Mythology and Asience

BCE 5,000,000 years ago
BCE 5 million years ago

BCE (Before Current Era) BC (Before Christ)

BCE ???AfricaTools used by Homo Habilis
BCE 500,000???? Fire tamed by Homo Erectus.
BCE ???????Evidence of Homo Erectus outside Africa- Human Migration begins
BCE ???EuropeEvidence of Neanderthals
Homo Sapiens
BCE 50,000East AfricaHomo Sapiens (Cro-Magnon men) appears in archeology record
BCE 20,000????Bow and Arrow used
BCE 12,000????Domestication of animals
BCE 9 000MesapotamiaGrew wheat and barley
BCE 9,000Mesapotamiadomesticate dogs and sheep
BCE 8,000????Agriculture begins
BCE 7,000????Evidence of pottery-making
BCE 7,000Iraqsettlement at Jarmo; crude mud house; goats, sheep, pigs herded; wheat grown from seed.
BCE 6,000????Evidence of weaving
BCE 6,000MesapotamiaBabylon to Persian gulf settled by farmers from north.
BCE 5,500MesapotamiaFirst irrigation used
BCE 5,500MesapotamiaFine Pottery invented
BCE 5,500MesapotamiaTrade begins from Persian Gulf to Meditterean
BCE 5000Middle EastIrrigation used
BCE 5000-4001EGYPTCalendar devised. Regulated by sun and moon; 360 days; 12 30-day months.
BCE 4000????Copper smelted to make tools
BCE 4000EGYPTSails are used
BCE 3500???Bronze used for tools, weapons, armor, and art
BCE 3500MesapotaniaWheel used in Mesapotaniua
BCE 3500SumeriaWriting first appears.
BCE 3300EGYPTFirst walled towns are built.
BCE 3200EGYPTEarliest Hieroglyphic script appears.
BCE 3100-2686EGYPTEarly Dynastic Period
BCE 3100EGYPTUnited Egypt nation, Capital at Memphis
BCE 3100EGYPTSystematic Astronomical observations begin
BCE 3050EGYPTIntroduce 365 day calendar
BCE 3000ChinaAbacus invented
BCE 2800EgyptDevised 12 month calendar
BCE 2737ChinaTea invented by Emperor Shen Nung
BCE 2686-2160EGYPTOld Kingdom of Egypt
BCE 2667-2648EGYPTBegin using medical as well as religious methods to treat disease.
BCE 2650EGYPTBegin pyramid building
BCE 2575EGYPTbuilt largest Pyramid at Giza
BCE 2550EGYPTGreat Sphinx is carved
BCE 2500-2001EGYPTdivided day into 24 units/hours; First Mummification; Isis & Osiris deified
BCE 2375-2300EGYPTPyramid Texts - oldest known religious writing
BCE 2160-2055EGYPTFirst Intermediate Period
BCE 2150EGYPTSeries of floods and famines led to collapse of old Kingdom.
BCE 2065-1650EGYPT Middle Kingdom
BCE 2055EGYPTreunited nation under pharaohs
BCE 1991EGYPTBook of the Dead collected "The Chapters of Coming Forth by Day"
BCE 1965EGYPTNubia/Sudan conquered
BCE 1800EGYPThorse is introduced
BCE 1700-1500EGYPTBiblical Joseph in Egypt
BCE 1650-1550EGYPTSecond Intermediate Period
BCE 1660EGYPTInvasion of Semetic Hyksos from Palestine, Syria, and north. They are excellent archers, wear sandals, and use horse drawn chariots to conquer the Nile Delta.
BCE 1550-1069EGYPTNew Kingdom
BCE 1567EGYPTExpulsion of Hyksos by Ahmose
BCE 1550EGYPTNew Kingdom. Capital at Thebes. 500 yrs stability.
BCE 1550EgyptFirst Medical Textbook
BCE 1473EGYPTQueen Hatshepsut rules
BCE 1479EGYPTThutmose III. Wipes out work of Hatshepsut, his stepmother.
BCE 1470EGYPTIsland of Thera- massive volcano-may have wiped out Minoans on Crete
BCE 1352-1336EGYPTPharaoh Amenhoptep IV- sun worship - monotheism. Religious reforms
BCE 1336-1327EGYPTKing Tut (Tutankhamun) tomb opened 1922.
BCE 1295-1200EGYPTJewish Exodus from Egypt
BCE 1286EGYPTBattles Hittites in Syria. Ramses II marries Hittite princess.
BCE 1279-1213EGYPTRamses II ( exodus??)
BCE 1245EGYPTRamses II moves capital to Pi-Ramesses
BCE 1153EGYPTDeath Ramses III, last great pharaoh
BCE 1100????Iron is discovered
BCE 1070EGYPTEnd 20th dynasty
BCE 1069-664Egypt>Third intermediate Period
BCE 1005-967IsraelReign of King David; Jeruselem capital
BCE 967-931IsraelReign of King Solomon
BCE 945EgyptCivil wars, Libyan Dynasty rules for 200 years.
BCE 814PhoeniciaFounding Carthage
BCE 753RomeFounding of Rome-traditional date
BCE 747EgyptRuled by Nubians
BCE 700Man-made Sundials
BCE 671EgyptAssyrian King Esarhaddon captures Egypt and installs vassal ruler.
BCE 670EgyptBegin Iron working
BCE 664-332EgyptLate Period
BCE 664EgyptGains independence from Assyria
BCE 650GreeceStandardized coins used.
BCE 525EgyptConquered ny Camyses, Persia
BCE 512ChinaCast Iron from blast furnace.
BCE 510GreekEarliest World Map found
BCE 490PersiaBattle of Marathon- begin war Greece vs Persia
BCE 457GreeceGolden Age of Athens under Pericles
BCE 450GreeceHerodotus visits Egypt, writes The Histories
BCE 400GreeceInvent the catapult, the first artillery weapon.
BCE 332-30EgyptPtolemaic Period
BCE 332EgyptAlexander the Great conquers Egypt; founds Alexandria
BCE 323EgyptDeath of Alexander the Great
BCE 312RomeWork begins on the Appian Way, the first great Roman road.
BCE 305EgyptPtolemy I Soter, a greek general, becomes Pharoah
BCE 290EgyptAt Alexandria, Euclid starts Geometry in "Elements".
BCE 250-100Egyptin Alexandria, Hebrew texts translated to Greek, Septuagint
BCE 210GreeceWater pump built by Archimedes: the Archimedean screw for raising water and worked out the theory of levers.
BCE 200EgyptAlexandria is scientific capital; famed for museum, library, university
BCE 146RomeConquers Carthage, destroys
BCE 100SyriaGlassblowing invented in Syria
BCE 49RomeCivil War
BCE 49EgyptJulius Caesar with Cleopatra
BCE 46RomeCaesar returns with Cleopatra, becomes Dictator
BCE 44EgyptCleopatra murders Ptolemy XIV, Pharaoh
BCE 44RomeJulius Caesar assassinated
BCE 41EgyptMarc Anthony comes to Egypt to Cleopatra
BCE 31RomeBattle of Actium' Octavian defeats Marc Anthony
BCE 30EgyptDeaths of Marc Anthonyt and Cleopatra
BCE 30EgyptEgypt annexed to Rome
BCE 4IsraelDeath of King Herod
BCE 4IsraelBirth of Jesus, Accepted date
Current Era
CE 33IsraelDeath of Christ
CE 40EgyptCoptic Church founded in Alexandria
CE 313RomeRoman Empire converted to Christianity
CE 295RomeIncest forbidden in the empire.
CE 383RomeEmperor Theodosius ordered all pagan tamples closed
CE 435RomeDestruction to all Pagan Temples
CE 642EgyptMuslims conquered Egypt; capital to Cairo.

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