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Chief Powhatan


1547 -1646

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Powhatan was a Great Chief among the Indians in Virginia.

His tribal name was Wahunsenacawk.

When he became the ruler of his people, he was called Powhatan.

Powhatan ruled over many tribes in Eastern Virginia.

Ancestors told of contact from people with white skin and beards.

Powhatan would meet the incoming tide of people with white skin and beards.

To the Indians he was a Mamanotowick, an important Weroance or Chief of Chiefs.

To the English he was the King of the Indians.


Powhatan had many wives and more than one hundred children.

A favorite daughter was Pocahontas who became his ambassador to the Engish colonists.

Powhatan allowed the colonists to settle on his land at Jamestown.

Powhatan and John Smith became friends.

When John Smith returned to England, Powhatan found the colonists unfriendly.

John Smith told the King of England about Powhatan.

King James I of England sent Powhatan many gifts.

Powhatan permitted Pocohontas to marry colonist John Rolfe.

Powhatan permitted Pocohontas to visit England, but she never returned.

Powhatan moved further into the forest so the colonists could not bother him as easily.

Even when he was an old man, Powhatan was a great hunter and great warrior.

Powhatan seated Powhatan in his house

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