The President's Scrapbook

The Process

Step 1: Study each of the American Heroes in The President's Scrapbook by going to each of these links.

    Click on each picture:

 George Washington  Abraham Lincoln  Susan B. Anthony  Helen Keller  Jackie Robinson  Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Read each page and visit some of the links on each page.

Step 2: Choose the person you like best.

    Click on the picture above for that person.

    Print the page for that person.

    Right click on the link to download The President's Scrapbook

Step 3: Complete a slide on that person in The President's Scrapbook.

    Add your reason for choosing that person. 

    Print your slide.

    Save the slide show.

Step 4: After all students have completed a slide in the show

    Show the slide show to the whole class.

    Discuss how to edit the show.

    Edit the slide show and watch it again.

Step 5: Share your slide show with other classes, your principal, or your Parents.


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