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Making Pizza

Southside Elementary students came back to school after the winter break. When they went to the computer lab, they discovered there were new computers. The students were excited about the new computers.

The new computers did not have any games or coloring programs. The First Grade students really missed the coloring program from their old computers.

Circle Red Circle Pizza

So, Mrs. P asked the students if they would like to make a pizza on their screens. When the student said "Yes", Mrs P. showed the students how to find the PAINT program on their computers. Then, Mrs. P drew a circle on the screen.

The students used the FILL BUCKET to color their pizzas red.

Then, the Students added cheese and toppings to their pizzas.

Coloring Pictures

While the students were making pizzas, Mrs. P created simple pictures for the students to color.

Truck-Color House-Color School-Color

The students colored the pictures. The students learned to save files. They also learned to add text and to personalize their pictures. Students shared their work with Zman.

House 1 House 2 House 3 House 4 Truck School

On Our Own

Some students became adventuresome and created pictures on a blank screen

Drawing1 Drawing2 Drawing3 Pizza 1

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