Internet projects for students around the world.

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Zman and Sherose


Internet projects for students around theworld.

01 The Zman Story

Begins in the 20th Century

Outline of Zman

Beth Sharon located

Story of Sherose and Ali-Enn

Violence Explained

Students from Beth Sharon

Zman and Southside


Back in the 20th century, an explorer from another galaxy visited earth.
Sherose arrived from Beth Sharon IV, the 4th Planet from the star Beth Sharon.
Sherose fixed his communications to work with the new Internet.

Sherose wrote to school children in England and they wrote back.

Sherose asked the Earth children questions about peace and violence.

Children from New York and Ohio and Virginia wrote to Sherose.
And Sherose wrote back.

Children from Texas and Alaska wrote to Sherose.
And Sherose wrote back.

Children from Australia and New Zealand wrote to Sherose.
And Sherose wrote back.

Children from Iceland and Massachusetts wrote to Sherose.
And Sherose wrote back.

Sherose asked how Earth children feel about violence.
And, from some places on Earth the children wrote back.

Sherose asked the Earth children more questions.
And, children from around the world wrote back.

Sherose wrote so much to the children on Earth that he got tired.
So he asked his friend Zman to come and help.
Zman flew in to help Sherose write to the children on Earth.


Zman called the Earth children Earthlets.

Zman asked Earthlets how they think.
Many Earthlets wrote back to Zman.

Zman learned that Earth children all think differently.
Zman learned from the Earthlets.

When Sherose was called back to Beth Sharon IV, Zman asked to stay.
Sherose said that Zman should stay on Earth.
Sherose flew back to Beth Sharon IV alone.

Zman moved into New York City.
Many Earthlets live in New York City.
Zman could write to Earthlets all around the world.

A homeschooler e-mailed Zman from the Chesapeake Bay.
Students in Dinwiddie e-mailed Zman.
Zman visited the Dinwiddie students.


In the spring, Zman came to visit Earth. He lived in a house in Brooklyn. The children who wrote to him from Virginia, wanted to see him. So, Zman got on an airplane, which was much slower than his spaceship, to visit Virginia.

Zman showed the students at Southside how to turn a picture into an Alien.

Shylo-2 Shylo-3

Zman showed the students how to explore the software to see what it did. Zman showed the students how to use the "special effects" in the software.

Zman also showed the students to use the Control-Z to go back when they did not like an effect.

Shylo-4 Shylo-5

The students at Southside had fun when Zman visited. After Zman flew back to his house is Brooklyn, the students at Southside practiced what he taught them. Mrs. P took digital pictures of all of the students.

Each student made their picture into an alien. The students tried all of the "special effects" on their pictures. The students worked very hard to make alien pictures of themselves.

The students were very proud of their pictures. Some of the students emailed their pictures to Zman.

NY Skyline before 9/11

Nina went to visit Zman in August, 2001.
Nina and Zman took a cruise around Manhattan Island.
They took pictures of the New York skyline from the Hudson River.

Eagle with Tear

Zman was very sad on September 11th, 2001.

On September 11th the World Trade Center Twin Towers were destroyed.
Two airplanes flew into each of the Twin Towers.
Each of the towers began to burn and collapse.

A few minutes later, another airplane crash into the Pentagon

A fourth airplane crashed in the mountains of Pennsylvania.

Many people were killed that day.

Some children died on September 11th.
A lot of mothers and fathers died that day.

Learn more about the Twin Towers

Timeline of 9/11/2001

Pix and information on skyscrapers around the world!
The Mohawks Who Built Manhattan

9/11/2001 Patriots Day

Credits: Photos in "Tribute to the Towers" by Robert Zenhausern and Nina Alexander, August, 2001.

The original New York City Skyline page was created November 29, 2001.



Internet projects for students around the world.

08: World Peace

Current Events

United Nations Building in New York City

The United Nations Building is an important building in New York City. It is where the leaders of all the nations in the world come together to make peace. The national leaders make peace by discussing how to share.

Children around the world want Peace. 

See the Cyberschoolbus Logo Cyber School Bus Peace Projects

Story of this page

Zman visited Southside in the Spring of 2001. When Nine Eleven happened, the students remembered that Zman was from New York City. The students worried until we got email that Zman was OK. Zman emailed as soon as phone were restored days later.

Mrs. F's Special Education class wrote to Zman, and he asked them to look at the pictures on Tribute to the Towers. The students discussed the pictures. Some students shared family stories with the events of September 11, 2001. The students dictated their comments to Zman about their pictures and about New York City. One student asked about the UN Building. Zman suggested they visit the United Nations' Cyber School Bus Pictures of Peace. The students were delighted with the pictures. The were amazed at the countries represented.

Mrs. F asked her students if they would like to draw Pictures of  Peace to share with Zman. By the end of the day, all the students had drawn one or more pictures. Some students drew both Pictures for Peace and Pictures of Zman. The pictures were scanned and put on the web. Then the students were asked to explain their pictures and their words were typed, read back, and added to this page.

Nodding Girls


Internet projects for students around the world.

09: Colors of Humans

Lesson in classifying by variables


Internet projects for students around theworld.

10 Estimate Math

Math Game from Beth Sharon

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