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01 The Zman Story

02 Greetings to Earthlets

Our Drawings of Zman

Brandon, Age 7
Brandon2 Age7

This is my picture of Zman.
The blue is his hair.
You can see his hands and feet.
I want Zman to come visit again.

Charles, Age 7
Charles2 Age 7

This is my picture of Zman.
Zman knows about all our pictures.
I didn't get to meet you last year.
but I went to New York with my Dad.
My mother went too, but my brother stayed at home by himself.
It was a school vacation.
We went everywhere.
We took all these turns, and it was junky and all that.
Then Saturday, they cleaned up New York City already.
It got all cleaned up.

Charles, Age 7
Charles3 Age 7

This is a picture of Zman's house.
He lives outside and it was all clean.
And he liked it because it was clean and all that.
And took a picture of New York and took the picture and put them in this computer.
He went back to take a picture of the Statue of Liberty.
And he took a picture at the bridge
And he took a picture of the Trade Center and the Towers.
One day I made a Trade Center out of Legos because my brother has legos.

Cynthia, Age 8
Cynthia Age 8

This is a picture of Zman.
I drew Zman's hair, his beard, and his glasses.
I think Zman is nice.

Morris, Age 8
Morris2 Age 8

This is a picture of Zman.
I want to thank Zman for the pictures on the web.
The pictures of his daughter and all.
I hope Zman will come to visit again this year.
I want to thank Zman for visiting last year.
I want to know if Zman still has the pencil I gave him.

Tevin, Age 7

This is a picture of Zman.
He has sunglasses and he has a beard.
He has hair and he has buttons down the front.

Aliens Us

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Student Pictures about Nine Elenen

Charles, Age 7
Charles Age7

This is a picture of my Dad's Haz Mat truck.
I drew the smoke stacks on the truck, and the name.
I wrote peace on the truck to show what it is for.

Charles, Age 7
Charles4 Age 7

This is my Dad's Haz Mat truck.
When he was driving a haz mat truck.
He goes to New York and he brings it everywhere.
Mississippi, Washington DC. and everywhere, Memphis, Tennessee.
And Texas and Virginia

Personal Drawings for Zman

Brandon, Age 7

Brandon Age 7

This is a picture of my family. They are B.J., me, my sister Caitlin, my Mama, and my brother Ryan. They are standing around my house. The blue dots on the picture are rain. I like to play in the rain.

Cynthia, Age 8

Cynthia3 Age 8

This picture is my daddy, my Mama, my sister, and me. And that is my two dogs. This is my house and my family. I like blue, but my house is really all green.

Deshelle, Age 6

DeShelle Age 6

This is a picture of me and my mommy and my brother, too. They are in pencil. I am in the middle between mommy and my brother. Up top is my cousin in blue, the yellow people are my grandmas. The brown is our house.



This picture is for Zman. It is a house. The arch across the top is the falls. The rest of the house is the kitchen. Above the T is a picture of Matthew with a smile for Zman.



This is a picture of children playing I colored them blue just for fun. I like to color with markers.

Pictures for Peace

Alonzo, Age 6
Alonzo Age 6

This is a my peace picture. It is a picture of me. I wrote peace to make it a letter from home. I do not like people fighting. I like peace. You can not have peace if you are fighting. You might get hurt. The blue on my face is for peace.

Charles, Age 7

Charles5 Age 7

This is my Peace picture. I made people all around the earth. I made the earth all different colors. The people are all the people around the world. The blue is the sky. Why are some people upside down?

Cynthia, Age 8

Cynthia2 Age 8

This is a picture of the whole world. It is my family and you. People come in different colors. Thank you for sending the pictures of all that.

Desiree, Age 6

Desiree Age6

I made the picture for peace. This is my Mama and Dad. The purple part is their heads. At the bottom are their bodies. My Mama and Daddy help peace because they go to sleep. I made this for Zman. I hope he likes it.

Morris, Age 8

Morris Age 8

This is a picture of the earth and the people of the world. They are holding hands because they are special. They want peace in the world. Thank you.

Tevin, Age 7

Tevin2 Age 7

This a picture of my mommy and daddy, my brothers and sisters, and my cousins. They are all holding hands because they are dancing in a circle. We live in peace. It is easy.

Tevin, Age 7

Tevin3 Age 7

This is a picture of a church. Peace means that for church you learn like bible studies and stuff. I think a church is a good place for peace. I do not always go to church. Sometimes I like to stay home when Mama tells us to go to church. I do not like church, but I think it is a good place for peace.

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