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New Year Ball
New Year's Day
First day of the New Year.
Celebrated in US, Europe, Australia, and parts of Asia and Africa


Sci Fi
Science Fiction Day
Birthday of Isaac Asimov.
Celebrated in American schools


Louis Braille
Braille Day
Birthday of Louis Braille
Celebrated in American schools


Elvis Presley
Rock-N-Roll Day

Birthday of Elvis Presley
Celebrated by diehard fans


Robert E. Lee Stonewall Jackson
Lee-Jackson Day

Birthdays of General Robert E. Lee and General Stonewall Jackson
Celebrated in Virginia.


Stephen Foster
Stephen Foster Memorial Day

Birthday of Stephen Foster
Celebrates the man and his music.


M L King
Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr

Important Civil Rights leader


a church
Religious Freedom Day
Celebrate the right to worship as you choose.


Martin Luther King Day

National Holiday to celebrate the work of Martin Luther King, Jr.


Flag of India Indian Republic Day
Celebrated in India
Celebrate the Modern Government.


Flush Toilet
Thomas Crapper Day

Birthday of Thomas Crapper
Celebrate the invention of the flush toilet.

February Calendar


Freedom Day
Celebrate Freedom from Slavery.


Ground Hog
Groundhog Day
If the groundhog sees his shadow, he goes back in his borrow for more winter. If the day is overcast, making no shadows, Spring is Soon!


Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras Day, Pancake Day, Shrove Tuesday
The last party before Lent Begins.


Recieving Ashes
Ash Wednesday
Catholic Holy Day
The first day of Lent


Abe Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln Birthday
The birthday of our eleventh president.


Valentine's Day

This day is traditional for exchanging tokens of love including cards, called Valentines, flowers, candy.


Presidents' Day
Holiday for Washington's and Lincoln's Birthdays


George Washington
Birthday of George Washington

The birthday of our First President.


Polar Bear
Polar Bear Day
National holiday celebrating this arctic animal.


Leap Day
Occurs once every four years to keep our calendar true to the sun.



National Pig Day
Celebrate the pig -- an animal for which every part is useful except the oink!


Queen Elizabeth
Mothering Sunday
Celebrated in England, Canada, Australia and the UK.
On this day Britains and UK honor all mothers.


Independence Day in Ghana
Celebrated in Ghana


Early Rising
Daylight Savings Time Begins
Turn your clock one hour ahead


Alexander Graham Bell
Alexander Graham Bell Day

Celebrates the inventor of the telephone.


Albert Einstein
Pi Day

Celebrates the birthday of Albert Einstein.


Julius Caesar
The Ides of March
Death of Julius Caesar, a Roman Emperor.


St. Patrick's Day

Celebrate Irish culture.


Swallows return to Capestrano

Celebrate the Annual Migration of Swallows in California


First day of the spring season in the northern hemisphere, and the fall season in the southern hemisphere.


the Earth
International Earth Day
This day celebrates the planet Earth and our existence on it.


Jewish Holiday of Joy
23 Easter basket Easter Sunday Christians celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus
26 Prince Kuhio Prince Kuhio Day Hawaiians celebrate the birthday of a great prince.

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April Calendar

1 April Fool's Day A day to play jokes and tricks on friends.
3-10 Passover Jewish Holiday to commemorate the plagues visited on the Pharoah for keeping the Jewish people as slaves.
7 World Health Day A day to examine the health of people everywhere in the world.
15 Income Tax Day US Income Taxes Due.
18 Paul Revere Day Celebrates the famous ride to announce "The British are Coming"
24 Easter Christian Holiday A celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
25 Arbor Day A Day for planting trees.
30 National Honesty Day This day comemorates one of the outstanding virtues of our first president, George Washington who prized his honesty above all other virtues.

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May Calendar

1 May Day May Day A day celebrated in England with a May Pole and pretty girls dancing around the May Pole holding streamers.
In the US: 2011: The day when Osama Bin Laden fell to the US Seals!
5 Cinco de Maya Mexican Independence Day
6 Teacher Day Celebrate the teachers who mean the most to you.
7 National School Nurse Day Celebrate the person who fixes your boo-boos at school.
8 Israel Independence Day Celebrates the modern republic of Israel.
10 International Migratory Bird Day Celebrate with bird friends from around the world.
11 Mother's Day Celebrate the woman who birthed and raised you.
13 Frog Jumping Day Celebrates Mark Twains imortalizing jumping frogs.
15 Peace Officers Memorial Day Honor your local police.
17 Armed Forces Day Honor those who serve in our armed forces.
19 Victoria Day Canadians celebrate the birthdays of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth.
22 Australian Flag Day Australians honor their flag since 1909.
25 Africa Unity Day Celebrated all over Africa.
National Missing Children Day Help find a missing child.
26 Memorial Day American Holiday originated to remember the deaths during the Civil War now celebrated as a day to decorate the graves of all loved ones who have passed on.

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June Calendar

5 World Environment Day A day to consider the environment of the whole world.
6 National Yo Yo Day Day commemorates the birthday of the inventor of the Yo Yo.
9-10 Savuot Jewish Harvest Holiday
11 King Kamehahe Day Hawaiian celebration of their last kings.
12 Phillipines Independence Day Celebrated in the Phillipine Islands.
14 Flag Day Anniversary of the adoption of the first American flag in 1777
15 Father's Day A day on which to honor your father.
19 Juneteenth On this day in 1865, Union soldiers finally arrived in Galveston, Texas with news that the war had ended and that all slaves were now free. In Texas, this day is celebrated as Emancipation Day
21 Summer Solstice The beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere, and the beginning of winter in the southern hemisphere
26 Baseball Day Celebrate the birthday of Baseball's inventor, Abner Doubleday
28 Paul Bunyon Day The Legend of Paul Bunyan:
Paul Bunyan, The Giant Lumberjack:
30 Meteor Day Meteor Day - In observance of a meteorite crash (Tunguska Comet Impact) on June 30, 1908 in central Siberia, Russia.

AllJune Holidays:

July Calendar

1 Canada Day Celebrates the origin of Canada
Ghana Republic Day Celebrated in Ghana
4 Link to Fourth of July IndependenceDay Celebrates the birthday of the United States on the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence
5 Venezuela Independence Day Venezuela celebrates its independence.
7 National Strawberry Sundae Day Celebrate with a strawberry sundae.
9 Argentina Independence Day Argentina celebrates its Independence
14 Bastille Day France celebrates its revolution and independence
15 Cow Appreciation Day Show your appreciation for the animal that provide milk and dairy products, a healthy meat, and the leather that is used for shoes and clothing.
20 Moon Day Moon Day --- First Man on the Moon - U.S. astronaut Neil A. Armstrong became the first person to walk on the moon, July 20, 1969.  He placed the United States Flag on the moon on this date.
21 Belgium Independence Day Belgium celebrates its independence
  Ghana Founder's Day Ghana celebrates Birthday of Founder
22 Liberation Day Polish day of celebration
24 Amelia Earhart Day Amelia Earhart Web Site:
25 Constitution Day Celebrated in Puerto Rico
28 Independence Day Celebrated in Peru

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August Calendar

1 Sister's Day
2 Ice Cream Sandwich Day  
3 Watermelon Day  
3 Kid's Day National (US) First Sunday in August: Day to spend extra time with children.
Friendship Day International - First Sunday in August
4 Coast Guard Day
5 National Night Out Against Crime First Tuesday in August. Occasion for block parties, cookouts, and visits from local police to meet and great the people.
6 Anniversary of Bombing of Hiroshima The first use of the Atomic bomb to kills civilians
14 Japan Surrenders Japan informally surrendered, ending World War II, 1945
16 Roller Coaster Day
21 Hawaii Statehood Day President signed order to make Hawaii the 50th State.
26 Women's Equity Day Celebrates the 19th Amendment which gave women the right to vote.
28 First Settlement Day St. Augustine,Florida was established on August 28, 1565. It is the oldest surviving European settlement in the United States.

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September Calendar

2 V-J Day On this date in 1945, the Japanese formally surrendered to the US and ended World War II. The day was well-celebrated across the nation. The picture at left is one of the most famous taken - of a returning sailor planting a juicy one on the lips of nurse. The sailor was celebrating the victory by kissing every female in sight!
3 Labor Day This US Holiday commemorates the efforts of laborers, workers, and employees over the nation.This holiday, celebrated since the 19th century, provides a stage on which the effectiveness of the Labor Movement and Labor Unions point out their achievements. The three-day holiday associated with Labor Day is also considered the official end of the vacation season.
4 Back to School On this day, most school children resume classes around the country. Some schools do open earlier, but the day after Labor Day is the typical start of the new school year.
9 National Grandparents Day On this, the first Sunday after Labor Day, the role of Grandparents is acknowledged and celebrated.
11 Nine-Eleven This is the anniversary of the Nine-Eleven attack on the United States that destroyed the Twin Towers in New York City seriously damaged the Pentagon located in northern Virginia, and would have destroyed another destination in Washington, DC without the Patriotic acts and heroism of the passengers on United Flight 93.
12 Ramadan The Islam Month of Fasting begins on this day and continues until the 11th of October. Ramadan is also the Month of Blessings. The Month of Ramadan is set by the Islamic calendar and varies from year to year. Muslims mark this month, not only by fasting and sacrifice, but also by good and charitable works.
Rosh Hashanah This holiday marks the beginning of the Jewish New Year . It is celebrated between sunset on September 12, 2007 and nightfall on September 14th. The exact day of Rosh Hashanah is determined by the Jewis calendar, and varies from year to year.
13 Chocolate Day This date commemorates the birthday of Milton S.Hershey, the founder of the Hershey Chocolate Company located in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Milton Hershey perfected a commercial means of producing milk chocolate which brought this treat enjoyed only by the elite, within the reach of common people.
16 National Stepfamily Day This day celebrates families in which there is a non-biological parent. The mission of Stepfamilies is to raise their children in the love of the new and original parents.
Mexican Independence Day This day commemorates the day in 1810 when Mexico declared its Independence from Spain.
17 Citizenship Day Originally called "I Am An American Day", this day is set aside for all citizens of the US to celebrate the fact that they are Americans!
21 Yom Kippur This day begins the Jewish celebration of Yom Kipper, the holiest of holy days in the Jewish year. It is a day of fasting and prayer,
22 Elephant Appreciation Day On this day everyone is encouraged to appreciate the Elephant. The elephant is a natural curiosity, a useful animal to mankind, and a favorite at circuses and zoos everywhere.
23 Autumn Equinox This day marks the end of the summer season and the beginning of the fall season in temperate climates in the Northern Hemisphere. In the Southern Hemisphere, this day marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring.
26 Johnny Appleseed's Birthday On this day, the pioneering efforts of Jonathan Chapman, affectionately called Johnny Appleseed, are commemorated. Johnny Appleseed ventured into the frontier lands of the newly formed nation, and simply planted apple trees wherever he went.
30 World Heart Day This World day of recognition celebrates the heart that beats in the breast of every being. It is also a day to share information on maintaining the heart into old age. "How young is your Heart" is this year's theme.

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October Calendar

1 World Vegetarian Day On this day people are encouraged to abstain from eating meats and only eat vegetable foods.
5 Fallen Firefighters Day On this day firefighters who have died on the job are honored.
World Teachers Day On this day around the world, teachers are honored.
7 Canadian Thanksgiving Canadian Thanksgiving is celebrated across Canada. On this day Canadians celebrate and give thanks for the year's harvest.
12 Columbus Day Columbus Day honors the day in 1492 when Columbus first arrived in the Americas. This holiday is celebrated on Monday, October 8th in 2007.
16 Dictionary Day Dictionary Day celebrates the birthday of Noah Webster, the Father of the American Dictionary.
24 United Nations Day United Nations Day celebrates the anniversary of the establishment of the United Nations in 1945
31 Halloween This popular holiday for children young and old is celebrated by dressing in costumes and go from house to house threatening "Trick or Treat" to obtain candy. Halloween parties often have participants bobbing in a tub of water for apples. Haunted houses are a popular attraction.

All October Holidays:

November Calendar

1 All Saints Day A Catholic holiday to honor all saints both known and unknown.
2 All Souls Day A Catholic Day to honor all deceased persons, especially family and friends.
4 Daylight Standard Time Resumes Set all your clocks BACK one hour.
5 Guy Fawkes Day Celebrated in the UK. Guy Fawkes was the country's greatest traitor. He is hung in effigy all over the country on this day.
6 US Election Day Make yourself heard - VOTE!
9 Diwali Celebrated in India. A festival of lights celebrated originally by the Hindus, but popularized across the country.
10 Sadie Hawkins Day On this day, unmarried women are encouraged to seek out the man they want to marry. Sadie Hawkins days is celebrated with foot races and dances in which the girls invite their dates.
11 Veteran's Day On this holiday, all American Veterans of foreign war are honored, and their courage and sacrifices are remembered.
15 National Teddy Bear Day This day celebrates the popular stuffed bear named for US President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt.
17 World Peace Day The United Nations established this holiday to honor the commitments made toward a world without war.
18 Mickey Mouse's Birthday On this day in 1928, Micked Mouse made his debut in "Steamboat Willie". Mickie Mouse was probably the most popular cartoon character during the 20th century and beyond.
20 Universal Children's Day This holiday was established by the United Nations to celebrate the rights of children around the world.
22 Thanksgiving Day This American Holiday commemorates the first harvest of the newcomers to America who held a feast and invited their new neighbors, the Native Americans. Traditionally, the feast centers on eating turkey and samples of the year's havest, topped off with Pumpkin Pie.
27 Eid al Adha Muslim: Feast of Sacrifice

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December Calendar

1 Rosa Parks Day Rosa Parks was a civil rights worker who took the Montgomery, Alabama bus company to task for requiring blacks to bunch up in the back of the bus reserving most of the bus seats for white customers.
3 International Day of Disabled Persons The UN authorized this day to celebrate the achievements of those with disabilities.
4   Farmer's Day Celebrated in Ghana
5-12 Hannekah Often referred to as the Festival of Lights, this holiday season is celebrated among Jewish people to remember a historic event when enough oil to light the temple lasted seven days. This miracle is celebrated with gifts and good eating.
6 St. Nicholas Day In some European countries this is the day when gifts are exchanged instead of on Christmas day. The day honors a beloved saint who took a special interest in poor children.
7 Pearl Harbor Day On this day in 1945, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and started the War in the Pacific as a wing of the Second World War.
15 Bill of Rights Day This day celebrates the first compromise made by the United States when adopting the constitution. Votes for the constitution were withheld until the Bill or Rights was included.
16 Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party On this date, in 1775, a group of businessmen in Boston protested the British arrogance by dumping all the tea on ships in Boston Harbor into the sea. The actual participants swore to secrecy and most took the fact that they had participated, to the grave.
21 Forefathers Day This day is celebrated primarily in the New England states to honor those who developed the lasting system of government that is unique to the United States.
22 Winter Solstice Winter Begins on this date in the Northern Hemisphere. It is the shortest day of the year. In the southern Hemisphere, it is the beginning of Summer and is the longest day of the year. On this day, the earth, in its orbit around the sun, is at its furthest point from the sun.
25 Christmas The Christian holiday celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. In truth, this mid-winter holiday has been celebrated to honor various gods since the beginnings of recorded history. Today, the day is celebrated with feasting and gift-giving. Evergreens are the traditional decoration for Christmas, but Americans include the German custom of setting up an evergreen in the house and decorating it with shiny ornaments and lights.
26 Boxing Day This day is celebrated in the United Kingdom and other countries in their Commonwealth. Traditionally, it was a day on which lords boxed up coins, food, clothing and more in boxes, to give to their servants and workers.
26-31 Kwanzaa This modern holiday celebrates family, community and culture in America, especially among African-Americans who created the holiday to honor their African roots.
31 New Year's Eve Celebrate the New Year and remember the past year.

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